My name is Joellyn St. Pierre. I am a Hermetic Kabbalist and Anthroposophist and now the founder of the Community of Spirits. I find myself in a strange place. Formally a Broadway performer, initiated by the death from AIDS of so many friends, associates and loved ones, I became a death midwife. For more than 18 years, I communed with the dying in hospices and hospitals around the US. Ultimately I wrote a book as a guide for those called to serve the dying. The Art of Death Midwifery: An Introduction and Beginner’s Guide has served as a text for hospice volunteers and professionals in palliative care since 2009. I also host a Facebook page for death midwifery.

A year ago my work began to evolve. Through rather miraculous circumstances, and once more initiated by the death of a loved one, which I may blog about here, it has become clear that my work now involves crossing the threshold of death to build a bridge between the so-called living and the so-called dead. This community is based greatly on Rudolf Steiner’s work and I will be referring to him a lot. I was not born a medium, at least not that I am aware of. But I am studying mediumship and other modalities to converse with the dead and the angelic hierarchies. In this blog, I will share with you my experiences. It is my desire to create a community of like-minded souls who understand that the dead are with us, right here, right now, at a higher frequency of vibration. We can and we should learn to raise ours to meet theirs to re-establish a communion of spirits that once was and has been lost…for the evolvement of both the so-called living and the so-called dead.


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  1. I have read your book and it inspired me to mainly focus my hospice volunteering on vigil sitting.
    But to be really good at it, I need help raising my frequency to better “hear” the dying. I have meditated for years and am in tune with myself at a ripe old age. I also want my own “proof” that we can communicate with the dead. I respect Steiner. But want to know more. Can you advise?

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    1. I find myself in the process of deepening my work with the dying to that of working with the dead. This truly astonishes me, Bente, as I would never have thought my life would go in this direction. I’ve studied and read…experimented and mentored…on and on…then suddenly synchronicity struck on this past winter solstice. I am a bit stunned with what is unfolding and cannot comment on it right now…but hopefully in time, I may have some worthwhile suggestions for those who would commune with the dead as an act of service. Stay tuned.


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