Christmas Eve Day


Oh this Christmas Eve Day…my heart is full of all my loves no longer on this earth. I feel you surrounding me and I want you to know how each and every one of you matter. You mattered then, you matter now, you will always matter. You are always loved. You are never forgotten.

Yes there were times I broke your heart and you broke mine. We are, on earth at least, so imperfect, such fragile beings stumbling around. But from your higher perspective, I imagine you at least can glimpse how every bungle, every tiff had its purpose, taught its lesson and helped us to grow, albeit sometimes kicking and screaming.

Some of you inspired from a distance but of course we know distance, as space and time, are merely constructs to give our wanderings some bearings.

Feel me holding you, warming you with color and sound and laughter and tears…feeding you sweet memories of soft nights and bright days. Drink your fill this day, this night for I feel you ever so close, I feel you inside of me.

Mom, dad, Larry, Roger, Pepper, Gower, Michael, Shannon, Dennis, Jeff, Charles, Robert, Timothy, Gus, Michael, Danny, Betsy, there are too many to name please know I haven’t forgotten you…Maggie, Cinder, Neal, Francine, Twiggy, Ginger, Muppet, Valentino, yes, even you John…and always dearest Anthony…During this feast of Lights…know I see your Light that one day I might follow. It’s a simple slip from “here” to “there” as it is all truly here.

I cannot say it any better than Merry Christmas my loves. Merry Christmas.


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