Applied Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing

It’s been a while since last I wrote. Many changes and many challenges. I’ve needed time to rest and adjust to so many things, the present shape of the country we live in, taking care of a sick dog…and making the decision to leave my teacher and his spiritual community, both of whom I love very much, in order to heal and to pursue the work I feel I’ve been tasked to do. There are so many things to learn in this life and I am now at a place where I have to acknowledge growing older and not being able to do everything I would like. And so…

When my head began to pop up above the depths (summer makes me want to lie down but the beginning of fall brings me back to life) several thoughts came to mind. One…that I have always been drawn to the razor’s edge where science and spirituality meet. I came in “knowing” truth lays in the cooperation between the two. So I find myself drawn to Michio Kaku and his string and M-theories with their 11 dimensions, the multiverse, and the idea that the dead are not gone but just possibly exist in a dimension that does not require physicality as we know it.

Now I spend a great deal of time asking my guardian angel – call it the Higher Self, super consciousness, it matters not – for guidance. (At 61, it is past time for me to listen to my own inner guidance, trusting its voice above all others.) What is my next step in learning to communicate with the Enlightened Dead?

The first thing I heard was…remote viewing. Here, there, everywhere…remote viewing. So…I began to research the subject as I know only of the very basics and once saw the movie, “Men Who Stare at Goats.”

As happens so frequently now, I put out a request and synchronistically, on Facebook I find a workshop offering a derivative of remote viewing by Melvin Morse in Rockville, MD. It is called “Applied Remote Viewing.” As I understand it, Applied Remote Viewing is not quite as rigorous in its protocol as the military’s Controlled Remote Viewing program. Melvin’s intention is teaching energy workers, therapists, mediums and those in the New Age community these skills with more discipline and insight.

Now Melvin and Raymond Moody are long time and dear friends. I read Melvin’s landmark book about NDS in children, Closer to the Light back when it first came out. We spoke about him at length when I spent four days at Raymond’s home back in January. Melvin, I understand, made some poor choices a few years back for which he paid penance. He’s used that challenge to surrender to transformation and be of service. As everyone has the right to change, my husband and I signed up, trusting Raymond’s judgment and that we would know if he is the right teacher for this skill.

We went last weekend for a six hour workshop. It was crammed full of information…much more than one would normally get in that time. The final two hours where spent experiencing this skill ourselves.


We worked in pairs, one the recorder, and one the viewer, later switching positions. The idea is that the recorder does most of the left brain work, allowing the viewer to stay as much in his right brain as possible. The recorder sees the “target site” and then leads the viewer through a very extensive protocol, which I will not repeat here. However from our first try, I see how important the role of the recorder is. It is his skill at taking the viewer around the site that determines just how detailed the viewer’s information might be….evening going so far as to ask the viewer to speak to the site, to talk to it.

Both Richard and I made site contact though perhaps not complete target hits. In mine I also got information about the myth associated with the site. I learned how I self-edit, self-censor (a big no-no) and even pushed away valuable information about the site for a purely ridiculous reason (Oh you left brain, you!). Yet honestly I was quite amazed at our first tries.

I am in conversation now with Melvin about some private study as I really want to understand how to apply this to communing with the dead. I will let you know how this turns out.

So it seems I may be doing a survey study on communicating with our Beloved Dead. On how someone with no particular skills can, with hard work and discipline, cross the veil. I continue to work with the psychomanteum after taking a long break and switching from a large crystal ball to a much larger mirror (seems to work better for me). Now I want to see how using certain brain entrainment music might assist in that. My discoveries in that will be the subject of another blog.

October is my favorite month as the veil between the living and the dead thins. May each of you be blessed with the knowing that your Beloved Dead are not gone…they are with you and they are listening. We just need to learn their language.


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