When the Gods Speak to Us


“Initiation is precisely this: that we are able to see from the other side of the threshold. There, seeing is not just looking but is also reading. We read the spiritual deeds of spiritual beings who have brought everything into existence. And if we read long enough in this silence, if we put our heart and soul into this reading, we begin to hear in the spirit, and then the gods speak to us. And when the gods speak to us we are within the spiritual world.” —Rudolf Steiner

I have just returned from my weekend workshop with Dr. Raymond Moody in Rowe, MA. I will be writing more in detail soon but this quote from Steiner sums it up beautifully. This is where I am heading. This is what it is all about for me. With the technique propounded by Dr. Moody, it is something most everyone can learn to do. And, I believe, it is one of the things this world needs now…more than ever.

Until then…

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