After death – 5 (End)

Soon I will begin a sort of spiritual pilgrimage and so I leave you with this fifth and final piece of Steiner’s thoughts on Death. Of course there is much, much more…and we will slowly sift though much of it. Upon returning in a couple of weeks, I hope to share with you a deepening understanding of how our ancestors communicated freely with the gods and their beloved dead. It is time, now, with a fully functioning conscious mind, to re-establish that communication. That is our work here in the Community of Spirits. Talk to you soon…

The great Rudolf Steiner Quotes Site

So when, for example, you experience after death the pain of another man through having caused him pain on earth, you say to yourself at once: ‘If I did not feel this pain, I would remain an imperfect human soul, for the pain I have caused in the universe would continually take something from me. I only become a whole human being by experiencing this compensation.’

It may cost us a struggle to see that pain experienced after death in return for pain caused to another, is really a blessing. It will depend on the inner constitution of our soul whether we find this difficult or not; but there is a certain state of soul in which this painful compensation for many things done on earth is even experienced as bliss. It is the state of soul that results from acquiring on earth some knowledge of the super-sensible life. We…

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