After death – 4 of 5

Sit with this one a while. I am not completely certain it has been 100% correctly translated into English, so it might be a bit confusing. However, if you sit with it, read and re-read it, I think the message becomes clear. In the meantime, as I continue to heal, my studies with Dr. Moody progresses and I feel in time, a beautiful synthesis of these two great minds will constellate into something even finer. In addition to the world of Steiner, be prepared to journey back to the time of the great Greek philosophers as we build our bridge between the so-called dead and the so-called living.

The great Rudolf Steiner Quotes Site

In short, man lives through his experiences once more, but in a spiritual way, going backwards from death to birth.

As I said yesterday, it is a part of this experience to feel that beings whom, for the present, we may call ‘superhuman’, are participating in it. Pressing onwards through these spiritual counterparts of our experiences, we feel as if these spiritual beings were showering down their sympathies and antipathies upon our deeds and thoughts, as we experience them backwards. Thereby we feel what each deed done by us on earth, each thought, feeling, or impulse of will, is worth for purely spiritual existence. In bitter pain we experience the harmfulness of some deed we have done. In burning thirst we experience the passions we have harboured in our soul; and this continues until we have sufficiently realised the worthlessness, for the spiritual world, of harbouring passions and have outgrown…

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