After death – 3 of 5

Really let this sink in, the enormity of what Steiner tells us. Every act, every thought affects the All. Waking or sleeping, it affects the All. Everything we think, feel and do matters to the Universe. Everything matters. Truly though, if you allow yourself to sink down deeply, deep into the most quiet place in your soul, you know this. You already know this. You…remember this. If we would only embrace that understanding, that everything matters, and choose to think, feel and act more consciously, how the worlds might change. This is part of the mission of the Community of Spirits.

The great Rudolf Steiner Quotes Site

Between birth and death we have experienced this or that with this or that person or plant or mountain spring, with all we have approached during life. There is no single experience whose spiritual counterpart is not engraved into the spiritual world in which we are ever present, even while on earth. Every hand-shake we have exchanged has its spiritual counterpart; it is there, inscribed into the spiritual world. Only while we are surveying our life in the first days after death do we have these pictures of our life before us. These conceal, to a certain extent, what we have inscribed into the world through our deeds, thoughts and feelings.

The moment we pass through the gate of death to this other ‘life’, we are at once filled with the content of our life-tableau, i.e. with pictures which extend, in perspective, back to birth and even beyond. But all…

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