Good thoughts and feelings give wings to the dead

Though we grieve the death of our beloved’s physicality, we do not wish to burden them with that grief. As an act of love, set grief aside when connecting to our loved ones in spirit. Send only love as it is their food and their art. It is what nourishes and sustains them on their journey from death to rebirth.

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It is very important to send our thoughts and feelings to a loved one who has died and is now in the spiritual worlds. Our thoughts must not contain yearnings to have the departed back with us, as this complicates his life in the spheres in which he must now enter. What we need to send to the spiritual worlds is not the suffering we endure but the love we bear towards the departed. […] Spiritual research has shown that feelings of love give wings that bear the dead up, whereas longings like: “Oh how I wish you were still with us” create obstacles in his path. This is a general indication of how to direct our feelings in such events.

Source (German): Rudolf Steiner – GA 264 – From a letter to Paula Stryczek – Berlin, 31 December 1905 (page 101)

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2 thoughts on “Good thoughts and feelings give wings to the dead

  1. Very interesting post. My darling A. has told me several times since he passed three years ago that my love has been so important to him in the afterlife. I could not imagine what he meant because it seemed that the opposite would be true, but it felt good to hear him say it. I regret the times he heard my grief (and sometimes anger) now. I’m glad though for the love I communicated to him, which continues to grow everyday. How easy it is to love him and express it! Because of your post, I look forward to deepening our love. Thank you for the confirmation and reminder.

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    1. I will blog more about this topic as we go along Mary. According to Steiner, and I like this idea very much, our beloved dead live right inside our souls…so they know us more intimely now then they ever could while incarnate. A. understands your grief and your anger. And yes…I too find it easier to love R., easier than when he was in the flesh because of those very limitations which he does not have now. He is so much more than he ever was while in the flesh…as are we all. Thank you again, Mary, for your sharing. You help grow and strengthen the Community of Spirits with your generousity.


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