Knowledge of Karma in life between death and rebirth alleviates Pain

Steiner also says that though our conscious mind will have its affinities and its aversions to each experience, the subconscious mind is always grateful for every experience, thankful for every experience…knowing that everything that happens to us is ultimately, seen from the highest perspective, a blessing. May we have the understanding to accept every happenstance of our life with grace.

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A person who is not prepared to admit the reality of karma, or repeated earth lives, can never really accept the fact that a destiny belongs to him. How does a person go through the world? One person does this to him, the other that; he likes the one, dislikes the other. He does not know that he himself is the cause of what comes to meet him, of the painful experience inflicted by another person. This does not occur to him, for otherwise he would feel, “You have brought it on yourself!”

If during one’s lifetime one is able to entertain such thoughts, then one at least will have a feeling as to the origin of the suffering one has to endure after death.

To know about karma in life between death and rebirth alleviates the pain, for otherwise the agonizing question as to why one has to…

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